[nabs-l] questions about reading braille, labeling, and canes

Kerri Kosten kerrik2006 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 01:24:10 UTC 2010

Hi All!!

I have a couple of questions.

First, for braille readers out there, do you find you read more on
your note-taker and braille displays and get your books from Bookshare
and Web Braille or do you still call your library and order hard-copy
books? Also, can you order hard-copy braille books either online or
through email?

I have been blind from birth and am a very very fast braille reader. I
used to get books from the library and loved reading hard-copy
braille, but then in 2007 when I got my notetaker which had a braille
display on it I stopped having them send me hard-copy books. But, I
find I miss reading hard-copy braille, and though reading on the
braille display is nice it's kind of cumbersome.
I am trying to figure out whether I should do the easy thing and just
download my books from Bookshare and Web Braille and reading them on
my display or go through the hassle that is calling the library,
picking categories of books, and ordering them hard-copy.
I really wish NLS had an online system where you could just go online,
fill out a form, enter in the book title/author, submit it
electronically, then just wait for the book to come through the mail.
Even on the Web-braille website, it is very hard to browse...they
don't have it set up so you can browse by category...I know you can
type in keywords but for whatever reason every time I try this I don't
get any relevant results.
So I thought I'd ask what you all do!

My next question has to do with labeling canned foods. A blind friend
told me to use dymo tape, then get a hole puncher and some rubber
bands, punch a hole in the tape, and somehow thread the rubber band
through the hole? She explained to me how to do this...but I'm not
getting it...the rubber band is round...I don't understand how you put
the round rubber band through the hole in the label?

I saw that you could order these pre-made labels with rubber bands
already on them...so all you have to do is write what you want the
label to say...then stick it on the can.
Which way do you prefer/use? I'm very confused by the dymo tape way...

My final question has to do with canes. I need to get a backup. I got
a free white cane in January and really like it. However, I've been
told that the Iowa Canes (the canes you get from the Iowa Center) are
much sturdier and can last pretty much forever. What should I get as a
backup...one extra nfb cane and then one Iowa one? I've never used an
Iowa cane...but my friend has had hers for over three years and it
hasn't broken yet...and my NFB one though I like it a lot because how
light it is is already chipping.
What do you prefer? What are the pros/cons of the Iowa canes? What are
the differences between the Iowa canes and the fiberglass NFB canes?
Also...does anyone know how much the Iowa canes cost if you order them
and are out-of-state? I'm not from Iowa.


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