[nabs-l] update on dog training career. need help!

Beth thebluesisloose at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 06:48:51 UTC 2010

I agree with what Jedi just said, and take this to court.  This goes
along the same logic as a case involving a guy who wants to be a spine
doctor/cairopractor.  Sorry, I forgot how to spell the word. lol
Anyway, the case was involving this guy who wanted to go to med
school, and they said he couldn't do it because he doesn't meet the
requirements that included sight.  Jedi's right, so I'd go ahead and
take this to court or find a more open venue like the response just

On 8/12/10, Jedi <loneblindjedi at samobile.net> wrote:
> Val,
> That sounds not too different from logic sighted O and M professionals
> use to explain why blind people shouldn't be cane travel instructors.
> but instead of aggressive dogs, the dangers in question are traffic and
> obstacles.
> In fact, that's the same kind of logic sighted people (and some blind
> people, too) use: a blind person can't do X because one has to be able
> to see Y. There are really a small number of activities where that's
> honestly the case, and that number is getting smaller and smaller with
> advances in training, technology, and attitude development.
> Well, here's some news for everyone. There are blind cane travel
> instructors and blind
> all-kinds-of-professionals-we've-never-imagined-until-nows.. In other
> words, your lack of sight isn't your limitation, their lack of insight
> is. Just because they've never witnessed a blind dog trainer, that
> doesn't mean it hasn't been, or can't be, done. What about those who
> train their own pets? What about those who train their own guide dogs?
> What about blind people who've managed aggressive dog situations
> before? It's not like aggressive dogs are terribly stealthy or anything.
> So in other words, you should fight this even if it means cutting your
> losses with this school and choosing another more open-minded venue.
> Good luck.
> Respectfully,
> Jedi
> Original message:
>> If anyone hasnt' followed up on what i'm trying to do, i'll start by
>> giving a brief intro.
>> I'm tryingto get into a program that would allow me to become a dog
>> trainer The school is based on California, but students can work from
>> home with the aid of a teacher and people in the area.  I guess it's
>> like a distance learning program.  I would not know however as they
>> will not send me imformation or allow me to enroll inthe program as
>> they said i do not meet their physical requirements.  That is, i do not
>> have a vusual equity of 150 feet.
>> I was suggested to email back and ask in what way this requirement
>> would be needed.  Here's the email i got:
>> Valerie,
>> Unfortunately, ABC is unable to make exceptions to the physical
>> requirements necessary to enter the program. They have been set by the
>> state of California to keep you safe while you are in the program. You
>> would be training dogs in group sessions or in a clients home and it
>> would be imperative that you be able to see dogs approaching you that
>> may be aggressive or confrontational.
>> Regards,
>> Deborah
>> If anyone has any imformation on how i could fight this, or if i should
>> just call it a loss, please let me know.
>> Thank you so much for your responces to my last email.
>> Look forward to hearing from you.
>> Val
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