[nabs-l] Blind man sues Wienerschnitzel over run-in with tree

Anmol Bhatia anmolpbhatia at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 14 21:29:02 UTC 2010

Good points Sean!
To who ever said to keep your hand in frunt to prevent the branch from hitting you, we do not when a tree is in frunt and the branches are hanging out so does this mean we should walk around with our hand in frunt at all times?

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> Thank you Dennis!
> You said everything I wanted to say, and then some.
> If the man was injured and incurred costs from the injury,
> he has a case. A
> sighted person could sue in the circumstances described
> where the branch is
> not illuminated at night. The limb causing injury is
> foreseeable, and
> somebody was negligent.
> A few other thoughts brought up by the discussion so far:
> The idea that I should always have my hand in front of my
> face is
> ridiculous. If it works for you, I'm not knocking it, but
> it certainly isn't
> a requirement of safe travel.
> Walking at a somewhat reduced pace in unfamiliar areas
> seems reasonable. I
> do it, and I don't think that exercising some caution
> indicates that I have
> subpar travel skills. Once you are familiar with an area,
> it is certainly
> easier to navigate it more quickly.
> Kirt is right in that this maybe shouldn't be news, but
> neither should a
> blind person graduating from a university, and I see that
> kind of thing
> written up frequently. Blindness is different, and makes a
> story more
> interesting to the general public. Not saying I like it,
> just saying it's
> so.
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