[nabs-l] a couple more questions about travel/cane technique

Kerri Kosten kerrik2006 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 16 18:29:30 UTC 2010

Hi All!

I have a couple of more questions about travel, and proper arc/cane technique.

When you follow
someone, do you usually walk behind them or beside them? Do you find it
harder to hear the person if you are following behind them as they are
usually walking ahead of you with their back turned to you? Is it
easier to hear someone if you walk beside them?

Also, when doing a proper arc with the two-point touch technique is it
supposed to be/feel wide since it is covering both sides from shoulder
to shoulder? When doing a proper arc for the first time should it feel
a little strained/unnatural/too wide at first?

How do most of you do the open-palm technique? I was taught it once
very briefly at convention...the way I do it is I keep my palm facing
up, as flat as possible holding the cane with all my fingers wrapped
around it. I then move the cane with both my wrist and hand. I read
that your supposed to move the cane with only three fingers...but I
can't figure this out...it seems tricky and doesn't feel as
comfortable as moving both my hand and wrist does. How do all of you
do it?


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