[nabs-l] Defining Excessively Helpful People and Interactions

Cindy Bennett clb5590 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 21:03:39 UTC 2010

I somewhat disagree, and this does kind of tangent from the intent of
the discussion, but as i have found that as i have become more
confident with my campus, i have been asked for help, and i am happy
to give directions. Sometimes, if i notice that someone who is being
asked for help isn't able to give the answer, i will politely tell
them where they need to go. It has been humorous at times sensing the
surprise in both of the people, that i knew and the person asked
didn't, but i think that whether we are asked for help might certainly
have something to do with blindness, but confidence in where you are
definitely decreases that probability.


On 8/26/10, Bill <cassonw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am going to disagree with the point about where are you trying to go. I
> think it is a common question to ask of someone you are offering help to.
> For example, when my campus is hosting students who are not from the school,
> and I hear a group who is not quite sure where they are going, I ask them
> where they are trying to go. If a sighted individual were to ask a lost
> looking other sighted individual they would pose the question in the same
> way. When I offer help to other blind individuals, say at convension or when
> I was at a training center, again, the question was where are you trying to
> go.I believe it doesn't have much to do with the person's belief if the
> other can get there or not. The same applies for a sighted asking a blind,
> or a blind asking a blind. Of course, we all prefer being asked if I would
> like help rather than demanding information of me. Of course, sadly, we all
> know that if a poor helpless blind person were to ask a superior sighted
> person, who is lost, if I can help them, the answer is almost always no.
> On the more relevant topic, I agree that there should be controls for
> whether the sighted individual who goes through blind experiences is given
> any training or shown techniques. As we all have heard before from the
> sighted who think blindness is closing their eyes and trying to walk around
> their own house is, I could never do it. whoever mentioned the grabbing has
> probably the most notable point. I just returned from a cruise to mexico, I
> think I was grabbed by people on average 10 times a day on the boat.
> Honestly people, if my cane touches you, I am not going to fall over.
> Well, that's my... a bit more than 2 cents, I hope your research goes well
> Arielle.
> Bill
> Lewis & Clark '11
> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 12:27 PM, Maryann Migliorelli <
> mrsmigs at migliorelli.org> wrote:
>> There have been many valid points made on this topic, but I'd like to
>> bring
>> up another.  I think that attitudes of the sighted depend on what type of
>> simulation they go through, whether or not someone blind goes through it
>> with them, and whether or not they are given any instruction on
>> alternative
>> techniques while going through the exercise will all be variables that
>> might
>> be considered for the study.  Also whether or not the simulation is
>> discussed after the fact, and is it being done alone or in a group setting
>> are factors to consider.
>> One of the questions if asked that deserves major bad points on the study
>> is, "Where are you trying to go?" as opposed to, "Where are you going?".
>> The "trying to go" implies that you probably won't make it there.  That's
>> always been something that annoys me.
>> Regards,
>> Maryann Migliorelli
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