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Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at pcdesk.net
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You can't place a standard authorization for JAWS on something like a
portable drive and then use it on several computers. However, there are
a couple of options. You can place a portable version of JAWS on the
drive, but each machine has to be authorized separately. So, here are
the three choices.

1. Use one authorization for each machine you want to use.
2. If all machines are on a network, you can purchase a network
3. If you want to be able to have a copy of jaws you can take between
several computers,, obtain an authorization dongle. Freedom Scientific
will give you your first one free, at least they used to. This dongle is
a little USB or parallel device which you connect to the computer you're
going to use. When you start JAWS, it will look for that dongle before
searching for authorization on the computer. If it finds it, then you
are authorized. You have to leave that dongle in the port the entire
time JAWS is running.

Probably, if you're wanting to have a copy of JAWS on a portable hard
drive or flash drive, and you're wanting to be able to use it on several
different computers like on a college campus, the dongle is probably the
best option. Just be aware that you have to have the JAWS video
intercept and the dongle driver installed on any machine you're going to
use, and that installing those things usually requires administrator access.
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