[nabs-l] Calling all blind friends, I need your help

Christopher Wright chriswright11 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 4 20:00:19 UTC 2010

You need a mentor. Here are two resources.

George Ashiotis
gar at nyc.rr.com

Pamela Sabaugh
psabaugh at earthlink.net

These are both blind/visually impaired actors. I met them at an Employment 
and Technology Institute.
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> Fellow students,
> I have enrolled in a stage makeup class for my spring semester.  The
> instructor is strongly discouraging me from taking the class because it
> will be too difficult and she does not know how to teach a blind
> student.  I took another theatre class with the same instructor in which
> they did not believe I could direct a scene as a blind person.  I stood
> my ground and directed the scene, which turned out to be one of the
> popular scenes in the class.  I wish to stand my ground again.
> I already wear makeup on a regular basis, including eyeliner and
> eyeshadow, so I know the basics of makeup application.  The concern is
> that I will not be able to properly work on shading, and that I will not
> know where my starting points are, or that I will be able to create
> allusions such as age lines.  At the end of the semester, each student
> must "transform" themselves and I will have no point of reference.
> It is very difficult to know what will and will not work without being
> in the situation, as well as figuring out what tricks can be used.  I
> know this is possible, but it would help me if I could have concrete
> explaniations of how things can be done.
> I am asking for your help.  If anyone has suggestions or advice, please
> let me know.  I know this instructor thinks this is more difficult than
> perhaps it really is, but she is to sure of her own assumed
> understanding of the situation to listen and allow me the opportunity to
> discover the alternative methods possible.  Applying makeup is a visual
> process, and the concerns are valid, to a point, but I know it can be
> done.  Please help me.
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