[nabs-l] oh highly amusing reguarding dog training

Valerie Gibson valandkayla at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 01:45:13 UTC 2010

So, as you know i'm interested in the dog training career.

The route that i'm taking is to go for a psych degree until i get certified to be a dog trainer and to give me something to do until i get a dog training business off of the ground. basically i'm playing safe.

I'm reading up on training, and speaking to dog trainers who are willing to think outside of the box so taht we, or I, an come up with alternative techniques, if any, in training dogs.
Well, now for my amusing bit of information, which may or may not mean anything, but something i found funny nevertheless.

The college that was so against training potential dog trainers has requested to follow me on twitter.

How they found me on twitter is a mystery to me. though my guess is they used an email search for people who have emailed them.

Anyway, just thought it  was funny.

I should follow them, then when i become a dog trainer,  go on about how i made it. XD

Hope you find this as amusing as I did.

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