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This is definitely a personal prefference.  I will only take my dog to
one movie theater in the area because the rest are too crowded, and
there is too much nastiness on the floor.  Movie theaters are

I would not take her to a concert, but I have taken her to musicals,
and I go to classical concerts all the time.  They put her right to
sleep.  Again, just a personal prefference.  I probably wouldn't take
my dog to a TSO concert.  Good call.  Way too loud.  Lol!

These are the kinds of decisions you have to make when you have a dog.
 Sometimes you realize after the fact that you probably shouldn't
taken your dog to a certain place because it just didn't work.  That
may happen.  As a first time guide dog handler, there are going to be
times like that, but NAGDU has a great list serve.  You can always ask
them, and the schools are always willing to help out as well.

I personally have not had many access problems.  I also would not want
that to stop you from getting a dog.  It is definitely something to
consider though.

On 11/23/10, autTeal Bloodwortho <tealbloodworth at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is so true especially in certain places where people take their pets
> into stores and say they are working animals. Also i think somebody was
> talking about concerts. Personally i would not take my guide dog to a
> concert, movie theatre, or even a club/bar. David does make a very good
> point though because even though they are welcome to anywhere the general
> public can go some places will give you a hard time and may end up in
> something rediculous. Plus i think when going to a hospital or somewhere it
> isn't appropriate to take mine because he does still get excited by certain
> family members.
>         -Teal
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>> Not to be argumentative, but I can travel as rapidly as most any dog user.
>> Whether a dog, or a cane, there is a continuum of abilities.
>> To me it is mostly a personal preference to use a cane.  One thing, about
>> using a dog, which hasn't been said, I think, is that there are people out
>> there who are against a dog, and will try and deny you entrance to a
>> restaurant, taxi, or other public accommodation.  While you have the law
>> on your side, you also need to be prepared to take on this prejudice -- in
>> addition to all the stuff we get as blind people going through life.
>> Dave
>> At 10:57 AM 11/23/2010, you wrote:
>>>I agree with everything that was said.  I too, find that I travel much
>>>faster with a dog.  It is, however, a huge responsibility.  I got my
>>>dog in high school, and I discovered that it was a big responsibility
>>>then.  I was ready for it though.
>>>The best thing that I find about having a dog is the bond you have
>>>with that dog.  My dog and I are best friends.  We are bonded for
>>>life.  That is what I love most.  She helps me out, and I take care of
>>>her.  I love it.
>>>I want to add also that even though you can have your dog find rooms
>>>for you, you need to know where you are going.  You need to know if
>>>your dog has taken you to the right room.  A lot of the mobility
>>>skills that you needed with a cane cannot be forgotten.  I still use a
>>>lot of the things I learned in mobility training everyday.  Sometimes
>>>if your dog has an attitude, she will try and take you where she
>>>thinks you want to go instead of the real place.  Lol!  This doesn't
>>>happen oftin, and it's easy to correct, but it is something you have
>>>to pay attention to.
>>>Good luck George!  If you want to talk about having a guide dog in
>>>high school(I believe you are in high school), you can email me off
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