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	All you have to do is, if your friend has authorized the 
Skype invite, you hit Enter on your friend's name, and there 
are two different buttons.  There is a "call" button and a 
"video call" button.  The "call" button is the only button 
you can use to call your friend without the need for a 
webcam.  Otherwise, the "call phones" button will cost you a 
bunch of money and you'll get an alert that says you need 
Skype credit.  So just use the plain old "call" button.

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Hi everyone,

I have another Skype question for you. I'm trying to call a 
friend on
Skype. I see a call phone button, but I don't want to call his 
but just call him on Skype. Is that the button to do this or is 
another button I need to look for? I know that this is part of 
training from Ian and his friend's company, but can someone 
answer the
question for me so I can do that now? Thanks!

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