[nabs-l] Home computer issues

Humberto Avila avila.bert.humberto2 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 03:49:09 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I'm having problems with my home computer. So, I hit the power button
and it boots up. It loads the windows logo and bootloader and
But then it brings up a "Checking volume for errors" screen (according
to sighted request).
After that, the error check is complete and it restarts again, but
this time, it got to the part where the user logs in, and it freezes.
It gets stuck there. JAWS does not even start or anything . I try to
log in but it doesn't work; it is just frozen.

Could this be a hardware issue with my system? could this be a failure
on the operating system?

Any tips on how to probably fix this are welcome. You can email me off
list if you want.

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