[nabs-l] [nabs] Fw: Benefit from HumanWareâ??s Back to School Specials!

T. Joseph Carter carter.tjoseph at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 21:27:20 UTC 2011

I have to be somewhat amused about the fact that iTunes audio 
playback is FREE for a limited time only.  When the Victor Stream 
came out, I bought one in part because of the mp4 audio playback 
option listed prominently in the specs.

I tested this, found it didn’t actually work, and I emailed HumanWare 
about it.  I was told that they’d resolved the issue by removing mp4 
audio playback from the list of features.  (Gee, thanks!)  But they 
thought it was a great idea, and they’d look at adding it in the 

They added it as part of a $49 softpak—free probably for a limited 
time!  Better jump on that!

Thankfully there are now alternatives to the Victor Reader Stream.  
For a time, they were the only game in town.  Personally, I advise 
looking at the alternatives.  I hear HIMS has a good product.

Joseph - kf7qzc

On Tue, Aug 09, 2011 at 04:19:07PM -0400, Chris Nusbaum wrote:
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>Subject: [nabs] Fw: Benefit from HumanWare???s Back to School 
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>Just thought I'd share.  My VR Stream has went to the graveyard so I 
>looking to purchase another and wanted to share this with my fellow
>students.  :-)
>"Just because you are blind, does not mean you lack vision"-Stevie 
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>Subject: Benefit from HumanWare???s Back to School Specials!
>Victor Reader Stream Digital Book Player with FREE SoftPak
>(allows docx, mp3 recording, iTunes audio playback)
>Free shipping for online purchases!
>Buy Now:
>Trekker Breeze Talking GPS FREE U.S.A.  GPS maps
>Free shipping for online purchases!
>BrailleNote or VoiceNote Apex with FREE Oxford Dictionary and Nemeth
>Ask about special trade in values for all brands of note takers
>Toll-free: (800) 722-3393
>Educational discounts available for quantity purchases!
>짤2011 HumanWare.
>*Valid for U.S.  residents only.  These offer end September 30.
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