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Do you know what "blind guy" this is? :)


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Hi everyone,

Thought I would give an update on the TV show Expedition 

that has Eric, sorry can't remember last name, the blind guy.  So 
it has been
4 shows now, the show has teams of 3 racing through Morocco and I 
am happy
to say that team no limits (Eric's team) has been in the top 2 
for the last
2 weeks.  The first show had some people from other teams saying 
it would be
embarrassing to lose to a blind guy, but everyone is well past 
that now.
Eric's brother and another guy make up team no limits and bells 
are used for
Eric to follow.  His team is treated like all the other teams 
with a little
blurb from someone on the team each week, and yes Eric's team 
generally says
something about how he can or sometimes cannot do all parts of 
challenges.  It is cool to see the other teams gain respect and 
start to see
past the blindness and over all I think it is showing blind 
people in a good

For those who want to check it out the show Expedition impossible 
airs on
ABC, Thursday nights, 9pn eastern time.

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