[nabs-l] Fw: Save Thousands On Freedom Scientific Demo Products

Laura Glowacki orangebutterfly87 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 13:54:50 UTC 2011

This company is selling demo technologies at reduced prices. 
Their website is:


Please see below, and the flyer is attached to this email.
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Subject: Fw: Save Thousands On Freedom Scientific Demo Products

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*I'm sending this to my entire mailing list on behalf of my blind 
computer guru, Roger Cusson in Maine. Please pass this along to 
any 'blind' lists you may be connected with ... or folks that are 
using or could use some of this technology.*


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From: Roger R. Cusson
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Subject: Save Thousands On Freedom Scientific Demo Products

Greetings on this fine day,

As you know, I work with Smart Assistive Technologies, down in 
Rochester, NH...

They wish to move a pretty serious amount of Freedom Scientific 
blind/low-vision product down the road!!!

These are demo pieces, and the savings on these items is at least 
50% off retail...

They have approached me, and specifically asked if I could put 
out the message, that they wish to sell these demo pieces, at a 
substantial savings over retail costs...

If you would please consider passing this message, and its 
associated attachment along to folks that might be looking for 
what we have on special, that would be much appreciated.

As I do make some small amount of commission on the sale of these 
pieces, if when calling into Smart Assistive Technologies, please 
indicate to the staff, that Roger Cusson sent them, in regards to 
the sale of these Freedom Scientific demo pieces.

I appreciate your assistance concerning this matter, and I truly 
pray that life is treating you extremely well!!!


Roger R., Cusson
Computer Access Specialist
Seeing Hands Enterprises - Lisbon
(207) 353-5007
Skype Contact: rcusson

A quote to live by:
"Any program that works perfectly, simply hasn't been tested 
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