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I am writing to ask you to distribute this announcement widely to people
with disabilities and your staff with disabilities regarding an opportunity
to participate in a focus group organized by Virginia Commonwealth
University's NIDDR funded research and training center.  The center is
looking for a wide range of people with disabilities who might be interested
in using research or evidence based practices in either their work helping
others find jobs or their own job search.  The focus groups are open to
anyone with a disability who can participate in a focus group by telephone,
including those with accommodations that enable their participation such as
using instant messaging or someone who can read typed answers on the phone.
Given the subject area, self-advocates, people with disabilities with an
interest in research, and staff with disabilities working with other people
with disabilities might be the best group to participate.  


The focus groups will be conducted by conference call on one of the dates
listed below.  Participants will receive a $25 gift card for their


VCU would like to hold the focus group before Thanksgiving, so please
distribute this as soon as possible and ask people to reply right away. I
will be organizing the focus group on behalf of the center.  Please ask
interested participants to reply to me  at jschneid at gwu.edu with requested
information if they are interested.




I am writing to offer you the opportunity to participate in an important
research project.  Please share your experience and ideas with researchers
interested in helping people with disabilities searching for employment.
Participation is easy - you simply call into a conference call from you home
or office.


SEDL, a nonprofit research company, has established the Center on Knowledge
Translation for Employment Research (KTER) in partnership with Virginia
Commonwealth University.  The Center is funded by the National Institute on
Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) in the U.S. Department of
Education.  The project will synthesize and disseminate existing
high-quality research on improving employment outcomes for people with
disabilities; conduct original research to identify and test strategies that
encourage the use of such research among businesses/employers, policymakers,
vocational rehabilitation agency staff, and people with disabilities; and
train researchers in using the most effective knowledge translation
strategies.   The link to the KTER Center website is as follows:



VCU is conducting focus groups targeting individuals with disabilities.  The
center is looking for people with disabilities who would like to participate
in an hour to two hour phone call to share their thoughts and experience
about using research in either their work or their job search.  The focus
groups will be conducted by conference call, so participants do not need to
travel anywhere to participate.  Participants do need to be able to talk on
the phone or have available an accommodation that enables their
participation.  For instance a way to send instant messages to the VCU
office or someone who can communicate questions to the participant and relay
their answers to the group.  Participants will receive a $25 gift card for
participating.  All participants are offered a VISA gift card.  You will be
asked for your mailing address when you submit your consent to participate


The purpose of the study is to learn about what promotes or prevents people
from using research when making employment decisions.  The information that
is learned in the focus groups will guide how the KTER Center provides
information on employment to individuals with disabilities. This will
include issues related to disability and work, how to address these issues
to increase employment for individuals with disabilities.

All personal data collected from participants is confidential and NO
individuals will be identified in published reports. 




If you are interested in participating, please respond to Jo Anne Schneider
at jschneid at gwu.edu with the following information:


1.      Name:


2.      contact info: 

a.      email:

b.      phone:


3.      Type(s) of disability (please mark all that apply):

a.      Physical  ___                                             

b.      Auditory ___

c.      Visual     ___

d.      Intellectual or developmental  ___

e.      Mental health  ____


4.      Do you need an accommodation in order to participate in a focus
group on the phone?

a.      No  ___

b.      Yes ___

                                                  i.      If yes, please
describe the accommodation you need and if you have someone who can
participate with you and provide that accommodation:





5.      Dates  and times you would be available for the focus group (please
check all you can do):

a.      Tuesday, November 15th,  11 AM ___

b.      Tuesday, November 15th,    2 PM ___

c.      Thursday, November 17th, 10 AM ___

d.      Thursday, November 17th,   3 PM ___

e.      Friday, November 18th,      11 AM ___

f.       Friday, November 18th,        2 PM ___

g.      Monday, November 21st,   11 AM ___

h.      Monday, November 21st,     2 PM ___

i.        Tuesday, November 22nd,  10 AM ___

j.        Tuesday, November 22nd,  11 AM ___

k.      Tuesday, November 22nd,    2 PM ___



Thank you for offering to participate in this important project.


Jo Anne Schneider

Associate Research Professor, George Washington University

Disability Self-Advocate

Member, Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities

This is a project sponsored by SEDL and Virginia Commonwealth University and
is in no way affiliated with George Washington University or the Baltimore
County Commission on Disabilities 

Edward C. Bell, Ph.D., CRC, NOMC


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