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I never said we should completely eliminate the word retard from the
vernacular; I just don't appreciate the use in which most people now say
the word. It is often said with negative conotations, and I've heard
people from all age groups apply the word retard to a person, or thing,
with the intent to demean.

The word itself, yes, means simply slow. It's used in musical
composition, and it was originally used to describe people with slower
mental capacities, but it has taken on very negative tones, similar to
using the word "gay" as in homosexual, except it is often used in a
negative way and not to simply describe.

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Hi, Marc, and Bridgit,

         If you notice, the word "retarded" 
simply describes someone who is slower to 
complete brain function.Furthermore, It doesn't 
seem right by anyone's calculations  to, 
effectively and literally as Brigit suggests 
avoid that particular  word altogether, Wouldn't 
Doing so be in some way singling those folks who 
happened to process slower than is the norm, out? 
If one is to get past the idea that, actual 
intent in which something is termed, carries more 
meaning than does  meaningless, verbeage which, 
itself doesn't really communicate anything baring 
substance?I am brain damaged, so my processing 
functions seem  a little bit retarded sometimes 
yet, I most certainly do not appreciate the 
politically, correct construct they came up with, 
that by effectively erasing the concept, of being 
retarded, from the vernacular, so too will those 
unsightlies, be effectively, erased?
in retardation,

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