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Control Your E-mail with Your Voice: A Look at the Upcoming Talkler App from Talkler Labs

Janet Ingber

A new, innovative app called Talkler, which allows users to read and manage e-mails with voice commands, is about to make its debut. This mainstream app was created by Talkler Labs, LLC, and during its development, the staff has been using it with VoiceOver to ensure accessibility. Jeffrey Korn, Talkler Labs CEO, said, "Whether you're sighted or not, Talkler is easy to use, and it's remarkably helpful. We are aiming to come out with a version that is optimized specifically for visually impaired users." He added that the optimized version will be released not long after the initial version's launch. The free version of Talkler plays a brief advertisement every so often (similar to how the free version of the Pandora app works); to eliminate the ads, users can pay $1.99 per month.

Both voice controls and on-screen gestures can be used with the app. Korn explained, "Talkler takes advantage of what we're calling 'Talkler TapAnywhere,' which are these on-screen gestures that you can implement by tapping anywhere near the middle of the screen without having to hunt for a tiny button. You can tap to pause the playback and tap again to resume. You can swipe anywhere to move from e-mail to e-mail. We developed the use of the pinching gesture, sort of like crumpling a piece of paper and tossing it in the trash. This is the gesture for deleting an e-mail."

Regarding Talkler's speech, Korn explained, "Talkler performs all of its speech recognition on the iPhone itself. Most other systems have to send each utterance out to the Cloud, then process and interpret the utterance in the Cloud, and then make a return trip back to the iPhone with the interpreted text.

Talkler, on the other hand, does all the work right on the device. This is faster than Cloud-based speech recognition and more secure [since every spoken word doesn't have to make a round trip through the Cloud]. Plus, Talkler works even when you have zero bars in a cell phone dead zone."


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