[nabs-l] LiveBinder

Merlyn Hileman merlyn_hileman at aol.com
Thu Jan 23 23:13:42 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I just started using LiveBinder in my history class, and I have some 
questions about accessibility.
One of my assignments in the LiveBinder was an article paired with a 
video. So the video played automatically when the page opened. Is there 
a way for me to pause or stop the videos? My TVI was able to stop them 
by clicking with the mouse, but I could not figure out how to do it 
with JAWS.
Also, my teacher made some questions to answer after each article or 
video. I noticed that JAWS would read the question, but I could not 
answer it. Is there a way to answer the questions within the 
LiveBinder, or do I need to type my answers in another document?
I would really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks.

Merlyn Hileman

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