[nabs-l] Anyone read this book/know where I can find it?

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 01:31:00 UTC 2014

Hi all,

One of my instructors in college wants me to read Mind Gym: An
Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence.  Though this is for a music
class, the idea behind it is that a lot of the same mental prep that
athletes do before they compete is what musicians have to do before
they perform.  My instructor wants me to read the book and take a few
things away from it which I can use in performing.  Anyway, we have
had significant trouble in finding the book.  I checked bookshare, and
requested the book once I saw that it wasn't in the collection.  I
then ran into issues because it wasn't a textbook, and they couldn't
varify whether or not I really needed it for school (even though I
do).  I cannot find it through NLS.  I downloaded Overdrive Media
Console onto my IPhone and don't see it there.  I did find it
available in the ITunes store, but of course I did not already have
IBooks, and when I tried to download the app it would not load past 40
percent.  I've tried to get it to install repeatedly with the same

Would anyone know of other sources I could use to locate this book, or
how I can get IBooks to download all the way so I can buy the book


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