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Hi Jason!
	I'm so glad to hear you are taking Math-related courses.
I have not used that book in the past, however I have some ideas for you.
Has the professor provided you with the syllabus yet?
I think buying the book and having the Disabilities Office scan it for you
and give it to you as a pdf version is going to be your best bet.
Particularly since you need it in a month's time. 
For Accounting, I highly recommend working on your Excel skills with Jaws,
but not using LaTex for that class. Is it Financial or Managerial
As long as you get the book in a readable format (pdf preferably) then you
can rely heavily on Excel sheets and even tables in Word for t-charts and
financial statements.
I am a big fan of LaTex for math-heavy courses such as multi variate
calculus and linear algebra, but I do not typically use Tex in my business
I am happy to expand upon anything that needs clarification, and of course
call me any time to chat about ways we can make sure you get the best out of
this course.

Happy holidays,
Kathryn Webster

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Hello, my name is Jason Polansky. I am a freshman at Messiah College outside
of Harrisburg, PA, studying marketing. Next semester, I am taking a class
called applied math for management. So far, the disability services office
has not been able to locate a Braille copy of the book. The book is called
Mathematics for Economics and Business, and the author is Soper. I found
three electronic books on VitalSource with the same title, but by a
different author, but I don't know how helpful an electronic math book would
be. Another possible option would be to buy the book from the bookstore and
scan it, but I don't know how well Kurzweil scans math. I was wondering if
any of you have taken a similar class and/or used a Braille copy of this
book or a similar one and if you would be willing to either sell or lend it
to me. I have also researched information about a computer language for math
called LaTeX, but it didn't really make sense to me, and I don't know if it
would be worth learning for one class or if I would need it for accounting
next year. If some of you have taken a similar class and not been able to
get the book in Braille, I would like to know how you managed this class

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