[nabs-l] taking a college class for no credit

Lizzy lizzym0827 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 17:50:06 UTC 2015

Hi Vejas,
I just want to strongly second what has been said about being 100 
percent open and honest, it can't hurt you to ask a question, 
however it can hurt you to do things based on conjecture.  Since 
you have a scholarship at steak here, I urge you to reach out to 
both parties-LCB and the scholarship office-to see what can be 
done.  I don't see why you couldn't audit the class and I really 
don't think it will be an issue but it's better to ask and 
receive a yes or no than to make a move and risk your 
scholarship.  Finally, I'm not sure how it is at Tech, but at my 
college you can audit classes officially or unofficially as all 
classes are open to the public, but if you audit unofficially the 
professor does not have to take the time out to give you feedback 
on work that you may choose to turn in.
HTH and let us know what you find about this topic, I'm curious 
to know how it will turn out,

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