[nabs-l] Starting Page Numbering after Title Page and Enabling Different Headers within a Word Document Using JAWS

Sarah Meyer sarah.meyer55 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 04:21:11 UTC 2015

I've been having a hard time figuring out how to get page numbering to
start after the first page, such as after a title page and an
abstract.  I read something online that talked about adding sections
and then inserting pagenation for each section, but once I added the
section/break and inserted page numbers, it also inserted page numbers
on the title page, and I don't want that.  When I delete that page
number, however, it gets rid of the rest of the numbering as well.
Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know how to ensure that the text in the header on
the title page can be different from the text in the headers in the
rest of the document?  Here's what I found in my workbook for Learning
Word 2013 Using JAWS:

* A header or footer cannot be edited when focus is in the document.
In order to make changes to the header, you must return focus to the
header. Press ALT + N, then H, E.
* To customize this document so that the header on the first page
contains different text than the rest of the document, press ALT + J,
then H, A. Your cursor now appears in an empty header ready for the
new text for the first page.
* Press CTRL + HOME then use SayAll to confirm that the header is
empty. Be aware that the text of the previously typed header has been
saved and will be applied to the second and all additional pages.

The problem is that when I press Alt-J, H, then A, nothing happens and
I stay stuck within the Design tab.  Any thoughts suggestions?

Thanks for any help! Oh, and I am using Word 2013 and JAWS 16.


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