[nabs-l] Questions Ab Using an IPad for School Purposes!

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HHi all! How are you all? Next semester I will be reading a lot of readings where I need to be able to find specific pages and copying and pasting texts and so on. My question is, is it possible to perform all these commands in an iPad guys? I'm just wondering since I'm thinking in asking my disability office of my  school to  lend me an iPad device in order to read my books guys! My school will provide me with either the word file or PDF file of the books or readings with their  corresponding print pages. And in ordr to read my books and ratings, I will also like to connect my Braille not display to it guys. So do you think I will be able to to copy and paste text from a document to pages and then save the pages file and be able to send it as an to my email as an attachment? I'm just wondering! I really will like your feedback and opinion regarding this matter since I'm going ot have my appointment with my advisor on Wednesday at 3:30 PM , Link, in order to discuss this matter! And before I forget, also is it possible to perform a find command in the iPad  in ordr to find texts? I look forward in hearing from you soon. Thanks and God bless!elga Schreiber 

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