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Helga Schreiber helga.schreiber26 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 04:28:17 UTC 2015

Hi everyone! How are you all? I just wanted to ask you, could one of you teach me how to use the KNFB Reader step by step by skype? I'm just wondering since I actually bought the app tonight for 50 dollars, and I would like to know how to use it well. I actually saw a demonstration in my Florida State Convention, but i wasn't able to ask questions about isnce i did not have it a and the person who was demonstrating it didn't show me in person how to use it. I will really appreciate it a lot if one of you who has the app can help me with this by showing me how to move around the app, and also wouldl like to ask specific questions regarding the app! Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much and God bless! 

P.S. If you want you can actually answer me off-list regarding this matter, since I don't want to clutter the list! Thanks again!

Helga Schreiber

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