[nabs-l] Logistics When Traveling Independently on an airplane

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I usually keep my backpack on and my cane in my arm until after I 
get my bag in the overhead.  As for gettting off, if I don't have 
a connection to make, I let the plane clear out so that the 
people who do have connections can make them.  If I'm going out 
with the main rush though, the time to get the bags down from the 
overhead is once you've arrived at the gate and the crew says 
people can stand up.  If you're on the isle seat, you wait till 
no one is blocking the isle right by you and then get up, and if 
you're not in the isle seat, you move over to the isle seat when 
the person next to you gets up.

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Hi All,
I was wondering how people navigate the overheads on an airplane.
Do you usually put your backpack and cane down, then put your
suitcase up onto the overhead?
Also, when the flight has landed, when do you know when to put
the suitcases down from the overhead? It can get really crowded
with lots of people trying to get off at once.
I know that there are staff there that are more than willing to
help, but I'm sure there's a way to handle the overhead

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