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Sun Aug 14 15:05:07 UTC 2016

Hello all,
I got my BrailleNote Touch about two weeks ago now, and it's been a bit of a
rocky start, honestly. It kept freezing up when I unlocked it, and I lost
several documents that way. Since the update last week, it hasn't frozen
once, so hopefully that's fixed. I'm not a huge fan of the case, honestly.
It's bulky and heavy, and I found that the tactile keyboard keeps missing
the dots I'm typing, and I'm actually more accurate using TouchBraille on
the screen. Also I hate the Velcro to close the compartment up above, and I
feel like the magnets that close the case aren't that secure and they keep
moving so my BrailleNote either keeps waking up out of sleep mode or, once,
turned on after I shut it completely down.
I do love how much it can do, and I feel like I've barely scratched the
surface. On the other hand, until it can open multiple word documents at
once and allow easy switching between them, I'll probably be using my Apex
in class, because I like to have my textbook open in one file and my notes
open in another.
Basically, there's a lot of good to be said for the BrailleNote Touch, but
there are definitely some features about the Apex I miss.
Looking forward to hearing what others think of it.

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Hi Cricket and all,
The touch 32 began shipping in late May, and the 18 began shipping about two
weeks ago. I just received my touch Thursday, so I am still figuring it out
and learning how to use some of the new Keysoft apps. So far, I am amazed.
It's really powerful, and it performs so much better than my apex. I look
forward to putting it through the real test, using it in class for my senior
year in highschool. Right now, I'm just so impressed with what Humanware has
done, and I can't believe I won it at convention. Those are my initial
thoughts so far. 

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