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Steve Jacobson steve.jacobson at visi.com
Sun Aug 14 18:10:41 UTC 2016

Forgetting the price for a moment, HumanWare has done a nice job of mixing
Android with dedicated application.  There are no guarantees that other
Android apps will be accessible.  However, within the Keysoft menus, the
experience is very much like the old BrailleNote and Apex.  I don't think
you need to worry too much about accessibility of Android to use the main
BrailleNote functions.

I would, though, add my voice to the earlier comment that there is, in my
mind, a big oversight in designing the unlock button and the soft case such
that the unlock button can easily be pressed when the case is closed.  At
this point, it appears to me that one really needs to power it all the way
down when carrying it around.  For someone taking classes, this isn't really
an option because it takes quite a while to boot up when the power is turned
on, longer than the time it takes to reboot the Apex.  I suspect HumanWare
will have to come out with some kind of fix for this, though, but this seems
like such an obvious problem to not have detected already.  

Humanware had done a pretty good job of warning people, but document format
is different.  It appears to me that nothing is actually stored in braille.
It is more like IOS devices where everything is back-translated from the
keyboard and translated to the display.  However, old Keyword Braille
documents that use braille that is not completely standard, for example if
you mix in occasional Grade Three, they can be exported as BRF files and
read on the BrailleNote Touch using their BRF reader.  

We have also experienced long lock-ups but Humanware is trying to get to the
bottom of it.  

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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I really like the concept however, I worry about the accessibility of the 
device running android. I alao see the alure of a dedicated device 
especially from HIMS. I would like to see a touch and someday get one.

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