[nabs-l] Braillenote Touch

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Aug 16 22:00:32 UTC 2016

The KNFB-Reader will be available on the BrailleNote Touch, but that 
version hasn't been released yet. It is supposed to be coming in an 
update later this summer.


At 08:01 AM 8/16/2016, you wrote:
>I thought the KNFB reader is already available.  They announced at 
>convention that all Braillenote Touch's would come with it already 
>installed.  Is that not the case?
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>I really thought I would be using the keyboard all the time and not the
>touch screen, but once I figured out TouchBraille, I've found I'm actually
>more accurate on the touch screen than I am using the tactile keyboard. I'm
>not sure why, but the when I've been using the keyboard, I keep missing dots
>somehow. As long as I remember ot keep my wrists resting just behind the
>Braille display, I can type fairly accurately and quickly right on the touch
>In that respect, it's not really a touch screen like you'd think of a touch
>screen on a smart phone or iPad or android tablet. You can turn off
>TouchBraille and navigate using gestures, but you can also just use first
>letter navigation and the thumb keys and cursor routing keys. Honestly, I
>figured out how to turn the visual display off to help conserve battery, so
>now it's just like a flat surface to type on.
>I agree with the comment that there are some aspects of the Touch that seem
>less efficient than the Apex, especially that when you use first letter
>navigation, you have to hit the letter and then hit enter on what's
>selected. Also the battery life is not very good at all, even if it's just
>locked, and I miss my dictionary and easy word lookup (haven't found a good
>app for that yet and even if I do I'm not sure there's an option to just
>look up a word I have the cursor on). But all that being said, there's a lot
>of great features that didn't exist on the Apex, like actual internet, the
>ability to download third party apps, that sort of thing. I'm really
>enjoying access to Dropbox, for example, and I can't wait for the KNFB
>Reader to become available.
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>For all you braillenote touch users, do you use the keyboard or
>the touch screen?
>I'm personally not a real fan of touch screens, but that's just
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>Hi Cricket and all,
>The touch 32 began shipping in late May, and the 18 began
>shipping about two weeks ago.  I just received my touch Thursday,
>so I am still figuring it out and learning how to use some of the
>new Keysoft apps.  So far, I am amazed.  It's really powerful,
>and it performs so much better than my apex.  I look forward to
>putting it through the real test, using it in class for my senior
>year in highschool.  Right now, I'm just so impressed with what
>Humanware has done, and I can't believe I won it at convention.
>Those are my initial thoughts so far.

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