[nabs-l] Cardio Drumming

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 18:40:05 UTC 2016

Hi all,

This year I'm going to focus on really bettering myself.  I'm a part
time student, am in the process of applying for part time work, and am
really hoping to take advantage of the little extra free time I have
to focus on self care.

Last year I found that spin and yoga classes were pretty good at
giving me something else away from music to do, since I do that all
day long.  However, now that I've done the classes and didn't see much
change in the fitness routines throughout the semester I'm thinking I
could just as easily spin and do the yoga routine on my own when I
want.  I have recently heard of cardio drumming and think it could be
a fun way to combine working out with music.  I found a studio near
campus that offers the classes, and so long as they're not out of my
budget by too much I'll probably go for it.  I'm sure my percussion
teacher for the semester will approve.  :)

I noticed that the sports and rec division had cardio drumming
presentations at convention this summer.  I'd be curious to hear what
those of you who tried it thought of the exercise just so I know what
to expect.  I read online that it is highly adaptable and
modifications make it easy for even older people and those with
disabilities to do, but as that was on the studio web page I'm hoping
for some less biased views.  I hope that it will be fun and so long as
the instructor is willing to work with me as needed, I think it could
be interesting.


Kaiti Shelton

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