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I feel your pain there. Math is my weak subject too. I could not see the 
board in class even though I have low vision. They did speak everything they 
could explain. If the professor was solving an equation, she'd speak out the 
steps but graps could not be explained.
Despite the verbalization, I could not learn math auditorily and pretty much 
had to teach myself the concepts from the text and using a tutor.

Do you have any vision? Since you did not use nemeth, how have you done math 
in the past?
For me, I did it visually. It was easier for me to see the layout of things 
in print and that was enlarged for me.

I took a math class years back. My math lab was not accessible back then to 
screen readers either. I found out the hard way by going to the site and 
trying everything I could to have jaws read it.
I did not use it. Your professor should be able to give you alternate 
assignments such as textbook problems to complete in place of my math lab 

For me, I used a math book from what was RFB, now learning ally. I also used 
some large print of the text.
My tutor helped me learn the concepts.
For word problems, I had a reader read those to me when taking exams in 
combination with large print.

For you, if you have no vision, using nemeth or your own system of writing 
symbols will work. Its best to work out homework problems step by step.
I'd say your best solution is to use a reader for the textbook unless you 
can have your dss office braille the math text book.

In terms of learning the material, it depends on the class. If its algebra 
or something like it with numbers, you can work the problems out in braille 
or on a computer. If it is more visual like geometry with shapes and graphs, 
if you have no vision, you will need to devise some tactile way to represent 
them. You can use wiki sticks or string for less permanent things. But for 
permanent things you want to refer to for studying, I think something like 
graphic art tape on raised line graph paper is a good idea. You can get this 
graphing paper from APH.

I think you will need to have a reader for the textbook and a tutor. Many 
colleges offer tutors for free.

It sounds like you're trying to pass your required math classes and then 
leave math in the dust.

It can be tough.
Good luck.

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Dear NABS List members,

I read every post but don't post much due to classes. I have learned a lot
from this group and will continue to stay subscribed after I graduate
college this year in the spring of 2017. My question to you guys is what
have you done for math and science classes to make them accessible? All math
classes at my college use the my math lab online system which is not
accessible with any screen reader that I have tried including NVDA, JAWS,
Window Eyes and even System Access. I have thought about taking computer
courses in beginning coding and IT to make up for these courses. Thoughts
and comments would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have a custom built
computer that I use for everything. I am also wondering to cut down on
carrying back and  forth from home to college, would a laptop be a good
idea? I have an android phone and also an iPad. Just trying to figure
everything out. Thanks for any advice anybody can give.


Aaron Linson

CEO Blind Faith Project <http://www.facebook.com/blindfaithproject>

CEO Linson Productions

Aaron Linson

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