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Hi again,
I don't know about a lot of the courses through that particular school. I needed an extra credit in high school, so I took a braille music course through them. I ended up not needing the course, but that's a whole Nother story. That course was relatively easy, but I knew braille music previously. I cannot say for you how easy a Nemeth course would be. 
I am a college freshman, and I'm taking a general math scores that many students at my school take. I know other blind and visually impaired students of taking it with pretty much no problem. It involves all facets of General mathematics, like geometry, trigonometry, and algebra based calculus. This course will be in preparation for the psychological statistics courses I need to take to get my bachelor of arts in psychology, so that I may then obtain my masters in another subject area. As I have not yet taken the course I do not know a lot about it. I do know however, that many professors if you talk with them are willing to help you out in whatever way you may need. I also go through my disability services office for other things like getting my text books in a format that I can read. I do not receive braille textbooks, but instead I can receive digital copies of them that I can read in whatever format I want. I do not know what the situation will be for math yet, but like I said I am going to email my professor and explain to him who I am, what I need, and a little bit about my blindness. 
As someone had previously stated it is best to begin the course as early as possible. I suggest calling Hadley, and talking to them about what you need for coursework to learn Nemeth. Also, explain that you are a college student who will be needing this for a math class that you will take the upcoming year or semester. I say this, because typically they work with people trying to get their high school diploma after leaving high school. Sometimes they work at a very slow pace, but you just have to explain that you need to work more quickly and they are usually pretty helpful.  

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> Ashley and all,
> I have a little vision, I am getting a prodigi from Humanware which I am excited. I tried and mostly understood problems through high school through looking at them. Or like to understand math a little more because as a musician I need to understand how to quickly divide fractions in my hear. Which I can not do. I also have problems understanding word problems and understanding concepts that don't make sense and accepting them and figuring them out. Just spilling it all out for you guys. Sorry for the long post.
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