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Depends on the situation.  That might be a reasonable thing to do 
if this was a huge lecture class, but if not, it seems to me that 
a better option would have been to talk to your instructor about 
why you were leaving.  There could have been a way of doing this 
yourself that meant you didn't lose credit for the activity--like 
getting a digital copy of the paper you were supposed to compare 
yours to and using that for the comparison.


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Good evening, all:

In my "Intro to Applied Psychology" class, we have "in-class" 
activities for
which we receive points.

We recently turned in a research paper for the course; this paper 
was in APA
format. As our "in-class" activity tonight, the teacher wanted us 
to look at
our paper side-by-side with a correct example of an APA paper, so 
we can
find out what we got wrong on our paper.

I believe this requirement is unrealistic; as such, I walked out.

What would you have done in this situation? Am I correct in 
thinking that
this requirement is unrealistic?


Cory McMahon

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