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Dear Nicole,


Thank you for the helpful suggestions. I intend to meet with the instructor, as mention-so we’ll see what can be worked out.


As far as I am aware, the college does not have Teachers assistance; I deeply appreciate the suggestion nonetheless.




Cory McMahon


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It's hard to answer not being there.  With that said, I think if I had been in that position, I would have at least addressed the professor with my concerns prior to leaving.  In that discussion, I would have wanted to first look at all possible options for me to complete the activity.  There may have been a way in which the professor or a TA could have sat with you and worked with you on it during class or during office hours.  Obviously, if it was determined that it would be done during office hours, you would then leave.  I think they also maybe could have paired you with another student who possibly did well on it and had minimal mistakes on their paper...thus they could assist you with yours and maybe could even give you some pointers.  

I guess I would just suggest that maybe in the future, don't automatically assume you can't do it and walk out.  Try to think of exhausting all options before doing so, otherwise it simply looks like you are avoiding the task.  

It is good experience for you.  Why you ask?  Well, based upon recent experiences I have had in the working world, it isn't any prettier there either.  There has been many a staff meeting where I have attended and have not been provided the materials in an accessible format.  Unlike college, I can't just walk out though...I'm required to be there regardless.  So, I have to exhaust all the possible alternatives to get the information I need and participate in any activities that are expected of me.  Yes, I'm holding my employer accountable (not going to go into that) but meanwhile, I must survive...and so past experiences help me to do that.  

Just some thoughts.  

Best of luck to you,


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Good evening, all:

In my "Intro to Applied Psychology" class, we have "in-class" activities for
which we receive points.

We recently turned in a research paper for the course; this paper was in APA
format. As our "in-class" activity tonight, the teacher wanted us to look at
our paper side-by-side with a correct example of an APA paper, so we can
find out what we got wrong on our paper.

I believe this requirement is unrealistic; as such, I walked out.

What would you have done in this situation? Am I correct in thinking that
this requirement is unrealistic?


Cory McMahon

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