[nabs-l] Upcoming membership call

Tarik Williams williams.tarik20 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 03:55:40 UTC 2017

Dear Students,

      I hope this email finds all of you well.  I know all of you are very
busy as you power through the end of your classes.  Plus the holidays are
approaching so we are in the middle of a very exciting time.  I am here to
invite all of you to our monthly membership call.  It is on December 17 at
eight o'clock eastern standard time.  This membership call will have two
sections.  We will have a speaker giving a presentation on the topic of
spending time with family and friends during holidays as a blind person.  We
will also have a presentation on what we can do to better ourselves for the
new year.  There is no time like the present to start making some changes
to enhance and better ourselves.  Remember blindness is not the
characteristic that defines us.  I look forward to having all of you join us

The calling information is as follows:

Call: 712-770-5197

Access code: 265669

All the best,

Tarik Williams


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