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Good morning David:

Is there a reason 195 The Globe has not reached out to the NABS Board, or
myself to discuss this further?

Sorry if there are any harmed feelings involved, but I personally love
supporting our blind students in their pursuit to a successful life, which
would include your endeavors.


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Hello To Everyone!
This is David Dunphy, asking each of you to read what I have to say here. I
will be as brief as I can, but I have three things I want to put out here
for you.
1. Apologies:
Since some objections were raised off list, I want to begin by apologizing
for the post about the launch of 195 The Globe to this list that came out
last Saturday.
. Initially, KJSC Radio was doing coverage for Nabs convention events and
similar things. With KJSC Radio having been shut down, 195 The Globe was
supposed to be taking over those responsibilities, which is why you received
the notification of our launch on this list. However, this, too, has
changed. Please read below. But to anyone who was offended, I as owner take
full responsibility for that and apologize.
2. I sadly regret to inform you all that as of this time, 195 The Globe will
not be covering any nabs events of any kind. This includes phone calls,
national convention meetings, etc. While sometimes we promoted things that
may not be directly related to students, there have been several occasions
where I and Chris Nusbaum in particular has done things directly related to
Nabs with The Blind Side and similar programming. Even when this has
happened, people have sent to the list and to us complaints about the
content. We as a station and a group very much support students. They are
not only the future of an empowering organization like this, but many
people, including myself when I was in college, wouldn't even know what's
available to students if it wasn't for Nabs.
That being said, it is very clear that there isn't a clear direction as to
how we as a station can best serve this organization in a way that will be
as positive as possible to all people. Obviously, not one size fits all, but
there has been enough concern raised that it is clear that things aren't
being done in a way that is as suitable to membership here as a whole as it
should be.
While positive feedback and encouragement for us to keep going with our
coverage would be great to read, if you would like to see the globe or
another station covering your organization's events, please contact the
president or your other board members. You have elected them to serve you,
and they are moderators to this list, too.
So contact them. We are happy to work with them to provide content to you in
a way that would be more positive. But clearly, there is some misdirection
and disagreement as to how that should be done, and in order to keep our
station going well and in a positive light, and to keep your organization
happy, we are pulling out of all Nabs related coverage until such time as we
are told how we can best serve you by your leadership. If we are no longer
given this opportunity, it was an honor personally for me to have recorded
and streamed your calls and to have been part of your national convention
meetings. I hope for the opportunity to serve you in this way again, but it
will be up to your leadership and to you.
Should you wish to get in touch with me, please email me at
ddunphy at 195theglobe.com but I would encourage you to contact your board if
you'd like us as a station to be involved again.

3. I'm including at the end of this email for those who would like to keep
up with the globe information for doing just that. If this is of no interest
to you, you can safely close your email down or move on to your next
messages that you would like to read.
But for those who are interested, since no more emails will be sent out, at
least at this time, about what's going on with the globe, read below this
message so you know how to keep up. Thank you for taking the time to read my
email, and I hope you all have a happy holiday.
All the best,
David Dunphy

***Globe Information***
Web Site:
Facebook Page:
Our facebook group can be found at
You can find us on TuneIn radio or ask Alexa to play 195 The Globe On Tunein
Listen by telephone at 605-468-5783 Our teamtalk server is at tthub.org with
ports 10064 And I can be emailed at ddunphy at 195theglobe.com or through the
contact page on the site, which is where you can also support our holiday
fund raiser for Make A Wish and maybe win a prize should you wish.

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