David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sun Dec 31 22:11:23 UTC 2017

I think it was my fault. I have fixed it.

I was editing some list configuration files, yesterday, to tweak some 
back-end settings, and I must have accidently changed the setting 
that puts the NABS-L onto the subject line to a small n.

Thanks for pointing it out.


At 12:33 PM 12/31/2017, Littlefield, Tyler via NABS-L wrote:
>Why did the subject change from NABS-l to nABS-l?
>It sounds kind of weird and isn't correct.
>Take Care,
>Tyler Littlefield
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>solutions. <http://tylerlittlefield.me> My personal site
><http://tysdomain.com> My Linkedin
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