[nabs-l] Braille Math question

Mikayla Gephart mikgephart at icloud.com
Wed Mar 29 22:58:55 UTC 2017

Hi all,
     I will be discussing this with my TVI tomorrow, but need to get your thoughts on this as well. Sorry if I overwhelm anyone, but I am hoping my explanations will be worth it. I am studying rational expressions (AKA fractions) in Math class. I am not good at Math, so it can take me a while to understand concepts. Do you all know how when multiplying fractions with variables, you cancel out like terms in the fraction? I was sitting with my privately hired math tutor today, and she was mentioning how sighted students put a line through what they are canceling out, so that they can see what the numbers are, but know that they canceled them out. I tried scratching them out with my finger, but that did not work well. Any other thoughts? Thank you.

I do my math on the Perkins Braillewriter.

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