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Mariya Vasileva mkvnfb94 at gmail.com
Wed May 10 03:38:54 UTC 2017

Hi Cricket, thanks for the information, but Shikha is an LCB graduate, so her training is up to par, she is just looking for one last person with whom she could split down the cost even more.

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> On May 9, 2017, at 21:37, Cricket X. Bidleman via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi Shikha,
> I'm Cricket Bidleman. I had the honor and pleasure of speaking at
> Convention last year. Do feel free to message me off-list.
> Convention is a wonderfully fun, slightly crazy place. Since there are
> generally more than two thousand people in attendance, not taking into
> account hotel staff, it can be incredibly crowded. Canes and guide
> dogs are everywhere. There is no reason to be scared, however.
> Everyone is so accommodating and helpful. If you need an arm, someone
> will undoubtedly provide one. That's one of the things I love about
> the NFB--it's a huge, welcoming family. Don't be scared! It's truly a
> wonderful experience.
> The hotel we are going to has a lot of escalators. I don't know how
> much O&M training you've had in relation to those. I try not to assume
> such things, since my entire county only has one escalator that goes
> up... And none that go down. I'm being entirely serious. Welcome to
> farm country in California, folks! i imagine that you may have had
> some training, as even I have had a little exposure. Whether you have
> or not, I'm definitely going to recommend that you be really careful
> around escalators, especially if you're dressed up and in heels or
> whatever else. Always hold the banister thing on the side. You never
> know what might happen. You might get a cane tip in your shoe. I did
> last year on multiple occasions... Remind me not to wear sandals
> again.
> The hotel is kind of overwhelming... AT FIRST. note that I said "at
> first". It's sort of a maze. Read the document that Mrs. Jernigan
> wrote about navigating the hotel. It's a tad bit confusing, but you'll
> figure it out. I took the liberty of deliberately getting lost the
> first night I was at convention. This was technically the day before
> convention started, so there weren't as many people around. I don't
> recommend this technique for everyone, but it certainly helped me...
> Taking a solution-oriented approach as opposed to just focusing on
> each task as I had to do it was incredibly helpful.
> A note on the upstairs hallway in the convention center... It has
> pillars here and there. You want to be super careful of those. They do
> hurt. Also, there are lots of people shouting "(insert meeting name
> here) this way!" It's very helpful.
> What else? What else? ... ... The convention agenda will be coming out
> soon! I'm so excited for that. Last year, I opened it on the day it
> came out and read through it five times in the middle of AP Physics.
> Don't tell anyone. I was supposed to be working on a project. There
> are so many meetings, activities, etc. on that list. it's phenomenal.
> You're going to want to read all of it thoroughly. Don't plan to just
> go to one meeting in each time slot. Sometimes you'll run into a
> packed room or whatever else. When you go through the agenda, take
> note of all of the meetings that catch your attention. Try to go to
> them all if you can. I did... But then again, I was running around
> like a crazy person last year.
> You're definitely going to want to attend all of the general sessions,
> partially since nothing else is really open at that time, but mostly
> because it's fun. Try to attend the NFB board meeting too. I hear that
> it's going to be a great one. I don't remember how the room was set up
> for the board meeting, but for general sessions the room is divided
> into states. For example, the two or three rows in the very back will
> be for Wyoming, and the rows closer to the front will be California,
> Alaska, and Alabama etc. There are poles with signs on the left, as
> you walk up the center aisle. The state affiliate presidents will be
> sitting directly to the left of each of the signs. There are also
> microphones placed strategically throughout the room if you want to
> talk at the points that are appropriate. For example, when resolutions
> are being discussed on the afternoon of one of the days, you may wish
> to speak about one or more. In that case, you would walk up to the
> microphone nearest you... You might have to wait in a line though.
> Overall, Convention is hectic, busy, slightly crazy, but very
> wonderful. Try to do as much networking as you possibly can. You never
> know where your connections might take you. I got a job as a direct
> result of Convention last year, and I've become friends with
> phenomenal people. Make sure you can write down phone numbers and
> names and stuff like that. This year, I will have my BrailleNote Touch
> to take notes during presentations, when appropriate. Feel free to try
> and find me at convention. I'd love to chat with you.
> Best,
> Cricket X. Bidleman
> NCS Pearson, Associate Quality Assurance Engineer
>> On 5/9/17, Shikha via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I will be working at BISM this summer from june to August. I booked a room
>> before i got the call from BISM. I am looking for one more female room mate.
>> Please help so the room price will be less.
>> Also i got all A this summer. Also if anyone has worked at BISM during the
>> summer can you please share your experience because i am excited and
>> scared.
>> Thanks,
>> Shikha.
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