[nabs-l] Using GPS apps in unconventional settings

Kayla Weathers kaylaweathers51590 at gmail.com
Sat May 20 13:41:57 UTC 2017

Hi NABS, I will be working at a camp this summer, and was just
wondering if it would be possible to use a GPS app like Blind Square
or Seeing Eye to create a personalized POI from specific places such
as my cabin to the laundry room or dining hall. I’m not sure if GPS
will work due to the fact that I will be in a large area that doesn’t
have street names. While I know that GPs apps aren’t in any way shape
or form a replacement for good o&m skills, I just thought it would be
extremely helpful in learning my way around the camp as I have never
been there before.
Thanks, Kayla

Kayla Weathers.
B.A. English Literature
Dalton State College

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