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I would suggest extracting the Zip files on your computer using a program
like 7Zip or the built-in Windows extracting tool. As for storing the files
on your iPhone, I'm afraid that the easiest and most efficient way to do it
would be to save the files in a Dropbox folder and play them using the
Dropbox app. To make this work, though, you would have to either clean out
your Dropbox (which is probably a good idea anyway) or set up a separate
account dedicated to your therapy work. You could also plug your iPhone into
your computer and run the music through iTunes, which will convert the files
to M4A format and download them to your library in the Music app. You could
then make a playlist with your massage session songs and play them directly
from your music library. However, iTunes for PC isn't the most accessible
program in the world, and I'm unfortunately not familiar with it enough to
tell you how to do the conversion. Hopefully someone who has more experience
with using iTunes nonvisually than I could provide clearer instructions.

Hope this helps,


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I am a massage therapist and receive free music files as part of a
membership. After they are unzipped, they can be stored on a phone for
offline listening. (I activate airplane mode during sessions to silence
alerts.) I am wondering: Is there an app that will unzip the file from my
iPhone, so I don't have to transfer back and forth to a cumputer? Also,
where would I store these after they are unzipped? My Dropbox is full, so I
would need to leave them directly on the phone.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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