[nabs-l] A Complaint To Zenolive

Armando Vias armando.mailinglists at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 00:20:19 UTC 2017

I am very upset over the lack of accessibility of the Zenolive website. What this website does is to let you create a radio station, and they decided to discriminate blind people? What are they thinking!!!!! They think that we don't exist. Here is my email that I sent to them. I think that I accidentally spammed them because of the lack of accessibility and not knowing that the message has been sent. The website is www.zenolive.com. Don't even think about signing up to manage a radio station. It's more worse. NVDA just says clickable, clickable, clickable for some of the buttons, but not all.

Hey. I have a problem with the website. There is LOTS of accessibility issues. As a blind teenager, I rely on a screen-reader called NVDA. NVDA stands for Non-Visual Desktop Access. The problem is that most of the clickable buttons are unlabeled and it is making it difficult for me, and possibly other blind users unable to fully use the website to broadcast. I would recommend you to check out this website called Webaim. It provides training on web accessibility. The website is
To learn more about NVDA, visit this website at
I also encourage you to contact the National Federation of The Blind. It is an organization for the blind that advocates for the blind. Check out their website at
I hope that this website will become accessible to all blind and low vision users. Without this website being accessible for blind and low-vision users, it is considered discrimination against the blind community.

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