[NABS-L] Plastic sticker bumps

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First, with the stove, I'm not sure how you label that; the labels will
melt. Maybe you can find some cooler spaces between the burners.  The way
I'd handle that is to use bump dots on the microwave, and everything else
you can, and  try labeling the part of the stove with the controls.  Use the
back of your hand to see where the burners are when there on; just feel the
heat, then you should be able to measure the distance to put the put on.
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Hello everyone,
Could someone kindly comments or advice. I moved to a new house with my
roommates, and everything in this house is basically touch screen. The oven,
the microwave, dishwasher, the dryer etc. so I purchased some of those
plastic round see-through sticker dots. The ones that stick over a button so
that I could feel it when I passed my hand over it. However, it seems that
the plastic is preventing some of the touchscreen buttons to work. I think
that the skin has to be in touch with the screen for the order or command to
be activated. 
Are there any touch sensitive sticker dots? Or otherwise, how do you handle
Thank you

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