[NABS-L] Off-Topic: Any Deaf-Blind Students On This List?

Vejas Vasiliauskas alpineimagination at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 16:47:16 UTC 2018

I hope you are all doing well.
The condition which caused my blindness is called the Norrie 
gene.  It leads to a very quick onset of blindness, followed by a 
very slow decline in hearing.
I am currently 21, with mild to moderate hearing loss.  Many 
people with my condition begin losing their hearing even earlier 
than that, though, to the point where it is severe.  I'm still at 
the point where my hearing is good enough that hearing aids 
aren't really that helpful, and I can still listen to music 
easily from both ears.  However, I know that gradual and maybe 
even total hearing loss is a strong possibility.
I would like to get in touch and network with other students who 
are deaf and blind.  As someone who currently really enjoys 
music, I still feel quite unsure about what being deaf is like.  
I'd like to hear your experiences and how you are adjusting.  So 
as not to clutter the email list, if you are interested in 
contacting me, please email me at alpineimagination at gmail.com
Thank you.
Vejas Vasiliauskas
Secretary and Treasurer of the California Association of Blind 
Phone: (310) 265-3949
Email: alpineimagination at gmail.com

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