[NABS-L] Question about justifying training

Mikayla Gephart mikgephart at icloud.com
Tue May 1 23:56:52 UTC 2018

Hi all,

     I hope everyone is doing well. I have decided to  attend CCB in September. This is really exciting, but it also means I have to get preparing!

     Now that I have decided to attend CCB, it is time to get approval from VR. When I originally started looking at training centers, I was going to attend LCB. I also had a counselor who supported me in seeking training, and respected my right to informed choice. At that point, I was still researching, and we did not justify my decision to her supervisors.

     Now, my former counselor resigned, and I am assigned to a new one who I will meet on Friday. We have had a few conversations, and she mentioned the need to write a justification letter to her supervisor, and that we could do that on Friday. However, a friend told me that VR is required to provide a decision in writing, so I want to write out a justification before I even see my counselor. Does anyone have suggestions for writing justifications? 

Thank you,

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