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Hello Mikayla,
	Congratulations on making the  decision to attend training; making
that choice is not easy, and neither is selecting where to go.
I believe that Rex is on the right track with his suggestion. The one
additional suggestion I would make is to tie your justification back to your
vocational goal. Although VR counselors enjoy to hear that their clients are
happy and living good, productive lives, their ultimate goal is to be a
vocational rehabilitation counselor. The VR process is built around the
obtainment, or maintainment, of employment. Thus, the individual plan for
employment, which is the guideline for all services rendered. The vocational
goal at the top of the IPE drives the entire plan (if a  service is
unnecessary for obtaining the vocational goal, then services can, and will,
be  denied). For example, if your vocational goal is to be a dishwasher for
a cafeteria, your counselor will not include attending college to your
services section of your IPE, because college is unnecessary for being a
	So, as you right your justification letter, keep in mind what you
have down for your vocational goal for your IPE. It is good to explain how
it will improve your life and how it will benefit you in the future, but
always frame it in context for achieving, maintaining, or advancing future
employment as specified through your vocational goal.
If you have questions, please reach out. The VR process can be confusing,
but if you understand the process you can truly get a lot of support from
the VR agency.
Michael Ausbun
First Vice President, National Association of Blind Students
Vice President, national Federation of the Blind of Nevada
Graduate Assistant, Louisiana Tech University
Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness
"Together, we are changing what it means to be blind!"

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The most important thing is to let them know how much this will improve your
life, and how it will help you in your future.

Rex Schuttler
Second Vice President of the national Federation of the blind of Oklahoma
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> On May 1, 2018, at 6:56 PM, Mikayla Gephart via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org>
> Hi all,
>     I hope everyone is doing well. I have decided to  attend CCB in
September. This is really exciting, but it also means I have to get
>     Now that I have decided to attend CCB, it is time to get approval from
VR. When I originally started looking at training centers, I was going to
attend LCB. I also had a counselor who supported me in seeking training, and
respected my right to informed choice. At that point, I was still
researching, and we did not justify my decision to her supervisors.
>     Now, my former counselor resigned, and I am assigned to a new one who
I will meet on Friday. We have had a few conversations, and she mentioned
the need to write a justification letter to her supervisor, and that we
could do that on Friday. However, a friend told me that VR is required to
provide a decision in writing, so I want to write out a justification before
I even see my counselor. Does anyone have suggestions for writing
> Thank you,
> Mikayla
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