[NABS-L] AIRA or Be My Eyes

Veronica R Gaspa veronica.gaspa at student.shu.edu
Fri May 4 15:56:25 UTC 2018

Hello Ian,
I currently use Aira, and I love it. I have used Aira when I am out and trying to find a certain place. I will call the agent, they will get my location, and when I tell them where I am trying to go they will be able to see what's around and tell me when to turn and things like that. I have also used Aira to order Lyft rides, and then they can help me find the car. Aira has also been helpful navigating train stations. I use New York's Pen station often, and with so many tracks and trains Aira has been a huge help in helping me find my train and track. The minutes start counting down when you are connected to the agent, but if you are in Aira sight access locations, or doing things related to finding a job, the minutes are free. I still ask for help from other people when I'm out, but if no one is around it is helpful to be able to use Aira. The agents are also super friendly, so that makes it even better. I haven't used Be My Eyes yet, but as I am currently on a free Aira back to school plan, I will most likely be looking into Be My Eyes when my plan is over, as Aira is a little harsh on the college kid wallet. I hope this information helps!
Vee Gaspa

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What do you think is better, this new AIRA concept, or Be My Eyes? I have Be My Eyes, and it's been helpful. But with AIRA you have to pay. Do you think it's worth it? What plan? Do the minutes start to count down when you're on with an agent? What have you used AIRA for? I'm used to asking random people when I'm out for help with certain stuff. Thoughts?
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