[NABS-L] Question about Jury Duty

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your accommodations sound reasonable. Hope your jury duty goes well.


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Hi All,
Hope you are having a great end to your semesters.
I got called in for jury duty for the first time recently. It will be for 
next month. I'm very excited for this opportunity, especially since I will 
have been done with school by then. I already registered and confirmed that 
I will be there.
I was wondering how any of you have handled accommodations. I've been given 
a number I can call to request accommodations and plan to call it.
I'd like to ask to have someone help me navigate the building, which I won't 
have proper time to orient around. I'm also thinking of asking that anything 
printed be ganden in an accessible format, either Braille or electronic. Do 
these requests sound reasonable? What have you all asked for?
Vejas Vasiliauskas
Secretary and Treasurer of the California Association of Blind Students
Phone: 3102653949
Email: alpineimagination at gmail.com
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