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James Alan Boehm jab2bs at mtmail.mtsu.edu
Fri May 11 17:56:03 UTC 2018

kDear federation family!
 Happy Friday to you all! Learning Ally, is an incredible organization, that provides so many resources, tools, and support to assist college students around the country to be successful. They offer the college mentoring program, in which you are paired with an experienced mentor  to walk with you during your college journey. They provide our textbooks in an accessible format and app, monthly community support calls on pertinent subjects. They provide specialized chatting and socializing groups that are geared towards certain topics, such as mobility, advocacy, technology, so that you can share and learn from one another. Their online curriculum is top notch as it provides resources, tools, and instruction on various topics, such as advocating for yourself, working with professors and your disability office, assistive technology, and mobility and travel as a college student.  this time of the year Learning Ally offers the  SAA scholarship to college students, and now is the time to Apply! As a recipient of this years scholarship, it was an honor and privilege to be recognized for all of my hard work and for assistance with my education costs. I know all of you work really hard as you live the lives you want! So if you are interested, check out the following link for more information:


James Alan Boehm
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University
Human Developmental Clinical Mental Health Counseling: M. ED.

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