[NABS-L] issues with accounting course

Kathryn Webster, President, National Association of Blind Students nabs.president at gmail.com
Wed May 16 20:04:15 UTC 2018

Hi Santiago!

I am so incredibly sorry you are having to deal with this in a college
course, let alone a complex course such as Accounting. I took a few
Accounting classes in college, and unfortunately, did not have textbooks in
either Financial or Managerial Accounting. Truthfully, the way I got through
it was with Excel, PowerPoint notes, and recorded lectures. I am happy to
give more specific advice, as well as share resources I may have with you
once you give us a little more info on the course you are taking.

Furthermore, I requested that a grad student in the Accounting field convert
relevant problem sets into Excel and Word so I could at least get practice
prior to quizzes and tests. In any case, I feel your pain!! Let me know how
I can help!!

Talk soon,

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Hello students,
Hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if any of you have ever had
issues when taking an accounting course? Unfortunately, I have to take
accounting, and the book is online in an inaccessible format. The publisher
has given me a PDF copy, but considering the formatting of various accounts,
it is still not that great. The disability center at my school and I are
doing our best, but it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the
class, and stay on top of my other classes. Maybe someone who has gone
through a similar situation could give me some pointers?


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