[NABS-L] for those of you who have used Vital Source ...

Mike Gilmore m_b_gilmore at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 9 18:42:19 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I just found out about this list and decided to join.

I'm about to begin seminary.  I recently found out about Vital Source.  I have a question about it (I hope to use it if I can't find what I need on bookshare or Learning Ally or christianbook.com).

For those of you who have purchased or rented books from Vital Source, I'm curious to know about reading the books online (how it's done, what the best browser to use is, etc.)  I'm also curious to know whether there's a way to emboss these books.

Thank you for all of your help ahead of time.  If you know of any other sources other than Vital Source, Learning Ally, audible, Christian book dot com, and bookshare where it may be possible to obtain books in formats other than hardcopy print, please feel free to chime in.


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